Huge fall on Friday

Blog meant for 19 March 2018 Monday Dear friends, Huge fall for Nifty on Friday as it fell by 165 points to close at 10195. Global cues were marginally positive in Europe and US markets but negative in Asia. Markets looking quite weak for short term. Nifty is still in Don’t Buy zone. The indications for [...]

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Mixed indications for short term

Blog meant for 16 March 2018 Friday Dear friends, Weak day for our markets as Nifty closed down by 51 points. Global cues are mixed tonight. Looks like Nifty may open negative tomorrow based on global cues tonight. Nifty is still in Don’t Buy zone. The indications for individual stocks for short term are – DON’T BUY [...]

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Volatility affecting rally

Blog meant for 15 March 2018 Thursday Dear friends, Once again volatile day for Nifty. It closed 16 points lower at 10411. European & US markets are flat as of now. Looks like Nifty may be little weak tomorrow too. Nifty is still in Don’t Buy zone. The indications for individual stocks for short term are – DON’T [...]

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Observe markets carefully if bought for short term

Blog meant for 14 March 2018 Wednesday Dear friends, Extremely volatile day for markets as it was quite positive and then became negative and finally closed flat at end of day. Nifty closed 5 points higher. However, global cues are quite negative tonight. European and US markets are trading negative currently. Hence, our markets may be [...]

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Some buy indications

Blog meant for 13 March 2018 Tuesday Dear friends, Huge rally for Nifty today. Nifty rose by 195 points and closed at 10421. Asian markets were really positive today due to the positive global cues on Friday and hence the positive sentiments continued. The US markets are marginally positive as of now. However, we have to [...]

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Positive global cues

Blog meant for 12 March 2018 Monday Dear friends, Flat close for Nifty on Friday. It closed 16 points lower at 10227. Markets were positive on Friday but towards the end it became negative and closed weak. The global cues on Friday evening were very positive in US markets and hence Asian & Indian markets [...]

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Good rally but markets still in Don’t Buy zone for short term

Blog meant for 9 March 2018 Friday Dear friends, Positive close for the Nifty after many days. Nifty rose by 88 points today helped by positive Asian, European markets. Currently, US markets are also trading positive. If you notice, in the last few days, when markets fall, it is falling more but while rising it is [...]

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Nifty below 10200 mark

Blog meant for 8 March 2018 Thursday Dear friends, Another negative day for our markets. Nifty fell by 95 points and closed at 10154. Asian markets were all negative. European markets have all closed positively and the US markets are trading flat as of now. Just like how in 2017, markets continued to go up massively [...]

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Just invest for long term for now

Blog meant for 7 March 2018 Wednesday Dear friends, Massive fall for Nifty today and closed 110 points lower. The Asian markets were positive today but inspite of that Nifty opened positive in the morning and closed very weak at the end of the day. Currently, European and US stock markets are quite flat. Since it [...]

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Nothing to buy for short term

Blog meant for 6 March 2018 Tuesday Dear friends, As expected, Nifty fell today by almost 100 points to close at 10359. Today's fall was mainly due to negative global cues. However, tonight European and US markets are positive. But, markets are generally looking weak. The analysis for Short term as per technical analysis is as follows: Nifty [...]

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