Last minute recovery for markets

Blog meant for 15 Dec 2017 Friday Dear Friends, Last minute recovery pushed Nifty to positive territory. It was trading negative for most of the day but somehow managed to move up and close 59 points higher. The global cues are mixed with US markets, European markets negative while some Asian markets positive. Our markets are [...]

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Markets little weak today

Blog meant for 14 Dec 2017 Thursday Dear Friends, Negative close for Nifty today. It fell by 47 points to close below 10200 mark. European markets closed negative tonight and the US markets are also slightly negative. The analysis for short term as per technical analysis is as follows: Nifty is in Don't Buy indication. The [...]

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Profit Booking pushes markets down

Blog meant for 13 Dec 2017 Wednesday Dear Friends, Profit booking in markets resulted in Nifty falling by 82 points to 10240. Global cues are slightly positive as of now. The analysis for short term as per technical analysis is as follows: Nifty is showing Sell indication. The indications for individual stocks are – THE HOLDS [...]

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Uptrend continues

Blog meant for 12 Dec 2017 Tuesday Dear Friends, The recent uptrend continued today as Nifty had a slightly volatile day but closed 57 points higher above the 10300 mark at 10322. The global cues have been helping our markets during the last few days. Even tonight, US markets are trading slightly positive and this could [...]

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Many individual stocks showing Just Buy indication

Blog meant for 11 Dec 2017 Monday Dear Friends, The rally continued in all major stock markets of the world including ours. Nifty closed 99 points higher at 10266. The global cues were positive all over the world on Friday. Since Monday is the start of a new week, we have to see whether the same [...]

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Good pull-back rally

Blog meant for 8 Dec 2017 Friday Dear Friends, Markets pull-backed today after being negative for last 3-4 days. Nifty rose by 123 points to close at 10167. collapsed today and fell  by 74 points today. Global markets were quite flat in Asia and Europe. US markets are trading slightly positive as of now. We have to [...]

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Very weak global cues

Blog meant for 7 Dec 2017 Thursday Dear Friends, Nifty collapsed today and fell  by 74 points today. Global cues were hugely negative in Asia and hence our markets opened weak and stayed weak throughout the day. It became further negative after RBI announced that there no changes in interest rates. The analysis for short [...]

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RBI decision awaited tomorrow

Blog meant for 6 Dec 2017 Wednesday Dear Friends, Another flat day for Nifty. It closed 10 points lower. Global cues are negative in Europe and slightly positive in US. Tomorrow, RBI will be deciding whether to keep interest rates same or will it change. Market direction will depend on the decision tomorrow. The analysis [...]

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Markets in Don’t Buy zone

Blog meant for 5 Dec 2017 Tuesday Dear Friends, Volatile day for Indian markets as Nifty traded both negative and positive throughout the day. Nifty finally closed flat, up 6 points. Global cues are mixed tonight. European cues are positive tonight but US markets are negative. Our markets may be weak tomorrow too unless Asian markets [...]

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Most stocks in Sell/Don’t Buy zone for short term

Blog meant for 4 Dec 2017 Monday Dear Friends, Markets continued to crash as Nifty fell by 105 points to close 10122 on Friday. Weak global cues and the much anticipated correction phase lead to the fall. European markets & US markets both fell significantly on Friday evening. We have to wait and see if Asian markets [...]

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